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Handmade Art, Interior Accessories & Interior Design

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It originated in my grandfather's workshop. There I started making 3D art together with my father. We made different shapes with curves and lines as a basis. Which later resulted in 3D artworks. We make these by hand from start to finish, so that no one is exactly the same. The frames are handmade by my grandfather and father.

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Studio LDE

Simplistic art has always intrigued me. The graphic lines, the curves... the simplicity can make you feel different every time. And that's what I love about it! Because that's how it's an enrichment every time. Every day again. And because I can really enjoy simplistic art myself, I want to make this possible for others as well. With my handmade 3D artworks and tables and the carefully curated collection of interior accessories, I give your interior that little bit extra that you've been missing all along.

But who is Studio LDE? My name is Lisanne and I live in Twente, Overijssel. Not far from here I studied spatial design at the Cibap and after that I worked as an interior consultant for 5 years. Art and interior design have always played a major role in my life, so it's not surprising that Studio LDE was founded...

And it originated in my grandfather's workshop. There I started making 3D objects together with my father. Just as a hobby. We created different shapes based on curves and lines. Which has resulted in 3D artworks and uniquely shaped tables. We make these objects by hand from start to finish, so that each work of art and each table is unique. That, in my opinion, makes art 'art'. The interior accessories fit perfectly with the artworks and tables and are intended as a finishing touch to your interior! I really enjoy that I can enrich other interiors with my artworks, tables, accessories and interior advice!

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Template 1 was my first design, it remains one of my favorite designs I've made to this day!


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